Recommendations to the Rental Housing Task Force

CLAS staff Danielle Sabelli and Samrah Mian made submissions to the recently established BC Rental Housing Task Force, including four recommendations to protect and enhance Tenants' rights. The full submission including recommendations can be found here.

To the Rental Housing Task Force,

Re: Final Submissions from Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS)

To begin, we are thankful for this opportunity to provide our input on our organization’s priorities for change in the rental housing context, however, we would be remiss if we did not emphasize the importance of continued, ongoing dialogue regarding housing priorities for tenants. Moreover, including the voices of indigenous communities and marginalized individuals is a vital component to ensuring the housing system in British Columbia operates inclusively, fairly, and effectively, and we believe that there is more work to be done by the government to bring these voices to the table.

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CLAS lawyer Jonathan Blair speaks to RedEYE Radio

Listen to an interview with Jonathan Blair, CLAS staff lawyer about the recent BC Supreme Court renoviction case.

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Human Rights Leaders Calling for Changes from Government

CLAS, BCPIAC, West Coast LEAF, CCPA-BC and the Poverty and Human Rights Centre have made submissions to the government in support of a common vision for the BC Human Rights Commission.

Press Release - November 20, 2017

CLAS Submission - November 20, 2017