How to get legal help


CLAS provides legal advice and representation to low-income and modest-income people who are facing particular legal issues.   

Below are the types of legal issues we may be able to help you with:

          If you are being evicted and have lost your dispute resolution hearing at the Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB), your home is being foreclosed upon, or your membership in a co-op is being terminated

          If you have lost an appeal at the Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal (EAAT) or Social Security Tribunal (SST) about your regular or disability benefits, supplements or other kind of income support 

          If you are being discriminated against or if you have lost your appeal at the Human Rights Tribunal (HRT)

          If you have applied for a Review Board hearing under the Mental Health Act, or have an upcoming Criminal Code Review Board hearing

          If you have lost an appeal at the Worker's Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT), Social Security Tribunal (SST) or Employment Standards Tribunal (EST) about workers' compensation, employment insurance, or other employment-related benefits