Dan Soiseth

Human Rights Clinic  - HRC

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Legal Administrative Assistant:
Roja Seddiq


Dan has been a staff lawyer with CLAS since 2003, first with the Mental Health Law Program, and now in the BC Human Rights Clinic. He was called to the Saskatchewan bar in 1999, and joined the BC bar in 2001.

Dan advocates exclusively for human rights complainants, and routinely appears before the BC Human Rights Tribunal. He finds that the most rewarding part of the work is simply helping people through the system, particularly those who, without legal help, would have to give up their discrimination claims entirely. He is passionate about helping individuals break down the barriers they face in the legal system.

Dan’s past cases include advocating in the BC Court of Appeal for a client who, due to illiteracy, submitted a very poorly drafted complaint of religious discrimination to the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Dan helped ensure that the complaint could nevertheless move forward, and in the process “moved the needle” towards more understanding and acceptance for individuals who are less able to advocate for themselves.

Dan’s present work, however, is simply assisting clients with human rights complaints of all kinds by helping them understand their case and then achieving results.

Dan lives in Burnaby with his partner and daughter.

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