Community Law Program

The Community Law Program assists with legal issues related to housing, income security, workers' rights, mental health, human rights, and equality. The Programs assist individual clients to help resolve their legal disputes, and also uses systemic advocacy to work on issues that will have a beneficial impact for large groups of people beyond our individual clients.

The combination of the two approaches makes our work unique. By providing high volume representation and strategic systemic advocacy in the same legal areas, we are able to both identify systemic issues and use a broad spectrum of approaches to address those issues. For example, our staff may identify a pattern arising in many individual cases, indicating a systemic problem. We will then undertake targeted individual litigation to try to address the issue, sometimes combined with limited systemic advocacy. If those approaches do not resolve the problem, then we are able to take on targeted and strategic advocacy like a test case, law reform efforts or public advocacy to attempt to effect meaningful change. We have flexibility to be responsive and adjust strategies as needed to achieve the best results that have the broadest possible impact.

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