CLAS Annual Report Highlights 2014-2015

CLAS has posted our annual report for 2014-2015. The annual report reviews our activities over 2014-2015 in the areas of housing, income security, workers’ rights, mental health, and human rights.

The stories include, among others:

  • in the housing section, details about a Charter challenge over Abbotsford bylaws that we worked on with the Pivot Legal Society
  • in the income security section, details about our successful campaign to allow kids to benefit from their child support, which resulted in legislative changes this past year
  • in the workers' rights section, details about the migrant worker clinics that we have done around BC in conjunction with West Coast Domestic Workers’ Association and with grateful support of the BC Federation of Labour
  • in the mental health section, discussion on the types of representation that we provided to more than 800 clients last year before the Mental Health Review Board and Criminal Code Review Board
  • in the human rights section, details on our newly expanded and integrated BC Human Rights Clinic that we launched this year that provides education about human rights issues and representation for low income persons with human rights complaints.

Finally, it is with great sadness and gratitude that we remember Jim Sayre who passed away on August 24, 2015. Jim was a staff lawyer with CLAS for over 25 years from 1987 until he retired in 2013. Jim touched countless lives throughout his career and our annual report includes a tribute page with a sampling of the many individual tributes and outpourings we received from those who knew him.