Who we are

Our Mission

CLAS respects the dignity of all in our community and works towards positive social change by providing legal assistance and advancing the law to address the critical needs of those who are disadvantaged or face discrimination.

Our Vision

Dignity, Equality and Justice for All

Our Values

Compassion: We believe in fostering an environment that is respectful and understanding of our clients and co-workers.

Leadership: We strive to be leaders in housing,income security, workers’ rights, mental health, and human rights law.

Accessibility: We believe everyone should have access to, and benefit from, the justice system.

Service: We serve the community by working with other groups to promote and advance dignity, equality and justice for all.

Our Work

CLAS was incorporated as a non-profit legal aid society in 1971. We were the first community law office in BC. Our structure reflects a 40+ year partnership between the private bar and community groups to provide legal aid to disadvantaged people. Since our inception, we have become a nationally recognized non-profit law firm, specializing in housing, income security, workers’ rights, mental health and human rights law.

CLAS has established a proven track record for managing and operating an "umbrella" organization consisting of a number of programs and projects. We have assisted thousands of people through our service case work and have conducted hundreds of test and systemic cases at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada. We have been counsel on hundreds of reported decisions in the areas of law in which we practice.

We are committed to assisting those who are disadvantaged or face discrimination anywhere in British Columbia.